Air Intake Systems

Looking for more power or a more efficient engine? It may be time to replace your air intake. At Gateway Tire & Service Center, we sell and install industry leading air intake systems to customers in Franklin, TN, Nashville, TN, Clarksville, TN, and surrounding areas.

Air intake systems increase the velocity of air while it travels into the combustion chamber, which decreases turbulence and boosts horsepower and performance.

 Air Intake Systems in Franklin, TN

At Gateway Tire & Service Center, we only carry the best air intake systems from leading brands, including:

  • K&N
  • Banks Power

Why Choose Air Intake Systems From Gateway Tire & Service Center?

Our professionals are trained in installing air intake systems to ensure maximum performance from your vehicle. The intake is a complex system, and our experts are available to answer all questions you have and to help you select the best air intake system for your vehicle. Our installation is quick and simple, or we can even offer advice on installing your new automotive air intake system yourself.

If you’re ready to minimize turbulence and increase power, stop into Gateway Tire & Service Center to pick up a new cold air intake kit from our inventory.

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